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Hot Mature Women Are Easier To Pick Up

by Dorry Parton

Almost every guy reading this thinks that it's easier to go after the average looking chick, and I'm here to tell you that you are wrong, and then explain how to get the best looking mature women available. If you don't already know who I am, then know that I am basing this on all of the mature women I've pick-up dated, slept with, or am just friends with. I have a very large sample of mature women that I'm basing this information on.

Why are the hottest of the hot mature women easier to pick up than the average looking chick you might see? Alright, so consider the typical girl that is very hot. If she wanted a guy with money, she'd have a guy with money. And if she cared about a guy that looked like an Adonis, then she'd have him by now. Why? Because she's hot as fuck and has her pick with men. When you think about it, chances are that hot woman has already dated a guy with lots of money and she's already dated the chiseled pretty boy. In turn, this means that it has less of an effect on her than it does on an average looking girl.

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What am I getting at? Hot mature women that are still single are more prone to looking at a guy's personality. Sure, great looks and money help, but personality is probably the most important thing to her since the novelty of looks and money don't have as huge of an impact on her. Chances are, she's satisfied as long as the guy has a decent job and isn't physically repulsive. This explains why you see a lot of hot mature women with guys that don't necessarily have a lot of money or the best looks.

Now let's look at the the average looking chick. She's extremely lucky if she gets a guy with a lot of money, and she's lucky if she gets a guy that looks significantly better than her. And chances are, she's probably had a great looking guy or rich guy one night her, so she still has that hope that she's going to score herself an Adonis or rich guy. What this means, is that average looking mature women are MUCH more likely to shut down a guy that isn't great looking or doesn't have a lot of money. Why? Because it's a novelty that she hasn't quite grasped yet. This is exactly why you see very good looking or rich guys, with no personality, dating and marrying war pigs and average looking mature women.

For a hot girl, great looking and rich men have ALWAYS been available to her. Whereas, with average looking mature women, rich and great looking men aren't as available to them, so those types of men are MUCH more appealing to them than a guy with a personality. This is exactly why the vast majority of your gold digging superficial mature women tend to be average looking. We've all seen them; average looking mature women shutting down average guys and heavily flirting with the rich or Adonis looking guy in nightclubs.

What I've noticed about very hot mature women, is that they are MUCH friendlier than average looking chicks. This is based off of the mature women I've dated, slept with, and my female friends. My average looking female friends are absolutely brutal to average looking men. But my hot female friends? They are nice to everyone, and a lot less judgmental than my average looking female friends. In fact, if you were to see me out on two different nights; one night with a very hot girl, and another night with an average looking one, and you were to ask me which one was the easiest for me to pick up, I'd tell you the hot woman.

Do you wanna know who is much more aggressive in pursuing me? The very hot mature women. Not because I'm an Adonis, and not because I'm rich. Almost every single time, they will say something along the lines of me being very funny. In other words, it's personality. It is just much more appealing to them than looks or money. Now when the occasional average girl pursues me, do you know why she'll pursue me? Looks. See the difference?

Continuing, why is it easier to pick up hot mature women in a bar? Consider this. Hot girls know that they are hot, so when you tease her a little, 9 times out of 10, she will become attracted to you. Why? Simply put, no guy ever does this. Now let's look at average looking mature women. They've probably been teased or shitted on by better looking guys and pretty girls. What does this mean? An average looking girl is much more likely to do one of the following: one, be unaffected by it because she's built up a lot of confidence from being teased before, or two, she will lash out at you because you remind her of the guys and girls that are better looking than her that teased or just used her for sex and nothing more.

This is what a lot of my game is based on. It is easier to get away with teasing hot mature women, they are much more likely to laugh, and because of the simple fact that you can make them laugh, they are much more likely to become attracted to you since they value personality over looks or money. I don't care how funny you are, when you hit on average looking mature women, they are much more likely to lash out at you, or overlook the fact that you're funny simply because they tend to value a guy with great looks and lots of money over anything, as those types of guys are less available to them and have a much greater appeal. And thanks to those types of guys occasionally flirting or sleeping with them, they hold on to the thought of snagging one, and push all other guys aside.

And once again, just as a reminder, I am basing this on what I see with my own eyes, not only with the mature women I date, but my female friends. Some of my average looking female friends are some of the biggest gold diggers that I know. Do yourself a favor, stop going after average looking mature women, and go after the hotter mature women where the novelty of looks and money have worn off, and they are much more likely to value your personality over your looks or money.